2015.07.30 UP

介護の現場から vol.32

堆 祐海さん

社会福祉法人福祉楽団 特別養護老人ホーム 杜の家やしお  介護スタッフ


西村 一さん

社会福祉法人福祉楽団 特別養護老人ホーム 杜の家やしお  入居者




Love talk via LINE

Mr. Hajime, a PC whizz. The two of them are friends on LINE and Yumi even relies on Hajime for advice on love matters. “I think he knows everything about my boyfriend by now…” Although disabled since childhood, wheelchair-bound and not easily able to go out, Yumi says “What I can do is join Hajime to make nice memories and enjoy time together.” The other day, the pair went to a shopping mall for the first time, chose Hajime’s glasses and enjoyed a bowl of katsu-don together and even took photos together at the booth. In what is left of the year, the next challenges will be TOKYO SKYTREE and a museum.

【文: 高山淳 写真: 中村泰介】